CEIL Whistle Blower Policy

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1. Scope

This policy applies to all employees of Certification Engineers International Ltd (CEIL)

2. Purpose

CEIL is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral and legal business conduct to line with this commitment as also in line with CEIL's commitment to open communication, this policy aims to provide an avenue for employees to raise concerns and reassurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization for whistle blowing in good faith.


The whistle blower policy is intended to cover serious concern that could have a large impact on CEIL, such as actions that:

o Suspected Frauds
o May lead to incorrect financial reporting
o Violation of Legal Regulatory retirement
o Are not in line with company policy, including the code of business conduct or otherwise amount to serious improper conduct


4.1 "Alleged wrongful conduct" shall mean violation of law, infringement of Company's rules, misappropriation of monies, actual or suspected fraud, substantial and specific danger to public health and safety or abuse of authority.
4.2 "Associates" means and includes vendors, suppliers, contractors, agencies and other with whom the Company has any financial or commercial dealings
4.3 "Audit Committee" means the Audit Committee constituted by the Board of Directors of the Company.
4.4 "Board" means the Board of Directors of the Company ...

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